Enhance your security audits with DarkMoon: A Cygwin powered pentesting arsenal


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Pentesting framework

Unleash pentesting power on Windows with Dark Moon, including OSINT and vulnerability scanning... Enhance security with Dark Moon: OSINT, web scanning, network monitoring, and system forensics in one.


To list all available pentest tools, type the command "help":

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Cygwin portable

Immerse yourself in the realm of unparalleled cybersecurity through Dark Moon's Cygwin Portable fusion, boasting an extensive array of cutting-edge pentesting tools for a truly comprehensive experience.

Pentest tools

Explore an extensive range of top-tier pentest tools, spanning framework, OSINT, web mapping, vulnerability scanning, network monitoring, intrusion, brute force, and forensics.

Unix Portable

You can view files in the UNIX tree from the file manager to make changes, and you can even move files to a USB stick.

graphics office XFCE

Since 2019, the new version of Dark Moon integrates CygwinX, it is possible to launch an entire Xfce 4 and use graphical tools, but also command line tools such as git, gcc, midnight commander...

Open Source

GNU software

Dark Moon is a large collection of GNU tools ported to Windows and managed by the Cygwin DLL.